August 1993 – Our first trip to Sturgis & Mount Rushmore

August 1993
This was my first trip to Sturgis with Larry Piercy and some of our HOG members. I purchased a Corbin seat in Stugis, it is much more comfortable than the stock Harley seat
Sturgis is a great place to buy Harley aaccessories. Pam bought several chances on a new Harley exactly like the one we have. Needless to say we didn’t win it. We also toured Devils Tower and Mount Rushmore.
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March 1994 – My 1st Daytona Bike Week

March 1994
Pam & I are heading to Florida for Daytona Bike week with Larry & Kim Piercy, Gary & Michelle Fuch
It decided to snow one of the biggest snows ever in Missouri the same day we left for Daytona
The photo below is Gary & Michelle Fuch from Bellevue Nebraska as they arrived in St Joseph Missouri
We took all 3 Harleys to Florida on Larry Piercey’s trailer
Photo is of Gary & Lisa Fuch beside the trailer
Overlooking Daytona Beach
Pam Drozd enjoying the Florida sunshine and cool breeze off of the ocean
Unloading the bikes at the Florida State Line – the girls will follow in the van
Larry Piercey’s Harley – he repaints his bike just about yearly
Rick Drozd, Larry Piercy and Gary Fuch unloading Larry’s Harley
Rick Drozd ready to head out on the highway to Daytona
Gary & Michelle Fuch preparing for departure to Daytona
And off we go, heading for Daytona
Gary last to be ready, and Piercy calls me Pokey
The ladies following us in Larry’s van on the way to Daytona Beach
It was still cool at the border so we had our leather coats on
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Spring 1993 – vacation to Durango Colorado with new Harley

Spring 1993
This is our 1993 Heritage Softail Classic
We purchased it new in Oct. 1992 and decided in spring of 1993 to take it on vacation to Durango Colorado
We didn’t plan on the snow not being gone in the Colorado mountains
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